Now mechanical keyboards have been around for some time but I’ve noticed that they’ve become the norm of the century especially for gamers. Why do people like mechanical keyboard/gaming keyboards or even waterproof so much and what makes them so much better compared to the typical membrane keyboard that you might be familiar with.


Membrane Keyboards

So the typical keyboard that most people know and still use are the typical membrane or rubber dome keyboard. This work with a rubber dome structure holding the keycaps up. Pressing it down hard enough it will collaps the rubber part and makes contact with the circuit board below which send the signals to the different parts within the structure. This type of technology is very cheap and flexible and make popular peripherals like rollup keyboards.



Mechanical Switches

The most common mechanical switch that all gamers should know about is the Cherry MX Mechanical switch. Several different types of components is used to make a good mechanical switch and that’s why mostly the reason these mechanical keyboards comes at a higher price point than the standard keyboard.

mechanical keyboards


Well the best thing is that mechanical switches are better  and easy to type on you see with a normal standard keyboard. You have to press to the bottom with your fingers which can be really frustrating when the keys does not register.



MX switch line is used in most mechanical keyboards and their line of mechanical switch types is referenced by a variation of colors. Some of them are clicking, some of them are tactile and others are not, and I’m going to highlight some common types…



The first common type is cherry MX blue. It has a very distinctive clicky sound and tactile feedback for activation. The clicky sound is so distinctive and recognizable, which is why most people associate it with mechanical keyboards. I have the exact same key in my keyboard  and I really like it, but the only downside is that it’s very loud.



Another type of switch is the Cherry MX red which has a very light and linear press and  no matter how far down you press the resistance is the same down to the bottom. This type of switch also does not click and it has no tactile feedback, and you can feel when you get passed the activation, and their also less noisier than blue cherry. The cherry MX and the cherry MX red is the most common, but you can also get it in grey, green or clear which is less common.



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Hello, techie peeps! Today, I’m all here for you with a booming topic of these days – IoT or Internet of Things. Defining IoT, it is interconnection network between the physical devices, vehicles or we call it smart devices, buildings, and other items. They are embedded with electronics, software, actuators and network interconnectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IoT has made our simpler and faster like never before. It is amazing, right? You must be interested to know might they converse with each other through Internet like us, the human beings. So, without wasting any time, let’s move on knowing some interesting facts about IoT.


  1. According to the study, around 87% of the world population have not heard of the term ‘Internet of Things’.
  2. Tell me what would the first IoT objects! It is nothing but the ATMs which came to the scene long back in 1974.
  3. It is assumed that this year 2017, we will have more than 5 billion connected objects in the world.
  4. Whatever we see in our homes, from smart thermostats to smart fridges are IoT objects. Companies like Google understands the importance of this. Google bought smart thermostat maker, Nest Labs, for $ 3.2 billion.
  5. Around a quarter of a billion vehicles will be connected to the Internet, giving us completely new possibilities for in-vehicle services and automated driving, as estimated, by 2020. Sounds exciting, right?
  6. As compared to 150k units in 2013, it is estimated that over 10 million units of Internet-connected clothing are coming.
  7. Having a connected kitchen could save the food and beverage industry as much as 15% annually.
  8. CISCO believes that IoT would generate $ 4.6 trillion over next ten years in public sector whereas around $ 14.6 trillion in private sectors.


The IoT will not any see any stagnant point of growth in the coming future. It will only grow to become larger and greater to encompass anything to everything in the world. A truly connected world is awaiting us!

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