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Screen protectors has come a long way from the thin flimsy plastic ones and if you thought about it how much money did you waste on buying them just to find out when your phone caught the ground the screen gets shattered. Well with the new tempered glass screen protectors there’s actually some hope on the horizon. Tempered Glass Screen Protectors is exactly what they sound like and more important what they are mend to do, thus is to protect.


How to Install Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass is made out of reinforced safety glass, designed to be shatterproof and withstand most impacts without disintegrating or leave behind sharp edges. These screen protectors once it’s installed produce maximum visibility and a crystal clear view just like your regular screen. In order to withstand heavy bumps and visible scratches it is made fairly flexible and very durable. Let’s look at how to install a tempered glass protector.


Like any surface your phone screen attracts may dust particulars some even not visible to the naked eye there for it is important to wipe the screen as thoughrely as possible using a microfibre cloth that may suppliers provide with these tempered glass screen protectors. This process can take a long time of wiping and cleaning ensuring to get most of the dirt and debris from the screen. This step will also ensure that you won’t get as much bubbles when the actual installation process takes place.


The next step is to line up the screen protector against the phone without touching the screen of the phone with your fingers. The stiff like screen protector makes it much easier to control unlike the flimsy plastic ones we were used to. After everything is lined up its just to press it down into place and begin squeezing out those last stubborn air bubbles. Some manufactures also include a squeezer with their packages but you can also use the microfiber cloth for this process.


It is also very important to buy these tempered glass screen protectors from reputable suppliers like we did with these best garbage disposal units with good reviews and offer some sort of warranty on their products. Tempered Glass Screen Protectors not only protect cell phones or tablets from bumps and scratches but these protectors also help combat Computer Vision Syndrome just like a computer screen protector.

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